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Committees and Task Forces
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Bylaws     Barry Nelkin, Chair

Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the organization’s bylaws, which is the set of rules that guide its operations and activities. The Bylaws includes but not limited to the number of directors the organization should have, the roles and responsibilities of the directors and the number and frequency of board meetings.


Conflict of Interest     Gilbert Daniels, Chair


Correlative Science       Alan Ho, Chair

Designs the research protocols for correlative studies in clinical trials of ITOG, including, but not limited to, studies based on biological specimens collected during a clinical trial. They will determine how biological samples will be collected, what experiments will be performed on the biological samples, and which scientists will conduct the experiments. The Board of Directors may delegate or assign responsibility for collection, storage, quality assessment, and distribution of biological samples. This committee also manages the Robert Gagel Discovery Award Grant. 


Development     Dwight Vicks, Chair 

Ensures due diligence function related to assuring fiscal health through philanthropy and fund development. Partners with members to institutionalize the philanthropic process within the Board and its individual members, assuring a donor-centered organization


Ethics      David Pfister, Chair  Kenneth Burman, Co-Chair


Finance      Julie Ann Sosa, Chair

Maintains a continuing overview of the financial affairs of ITOG and shall make such recommendations to the Board of Directors, as it deems appropriate concerning the fiscal management of ITOG. The Finance Committee will examine all books, vouchers, statements or appropriate reports of the Treasurer at least once yearly. If requested, they shall advise and aid the Treasurer in his/her efforts to arrange examinations, reviews or audits.


Membership       Andrew Gianoukakis, Chair

Determines criteria and categories for membership in ITOG, and establish and make available membership application forms. The Membership Committee will review and recommend applicants for membership in ITOG, as described in Article II, Section 1.1. The Membership Committee may also invite specific individuals to apply for membership in ITOG. Maintenance and renewal of membership in ITOG are subject to review by the Membership Committee.


Protocol      Eric Sherman, Chair  John (Drew) Ridge, Co-Chair

Responsible for developing protocols for clinical trials that will be performed by the members of ITOG. They will also determine which sites will participate in a trial and define certain guidelines for each trial’s performance, such as: sample size, time to complete the trial, inclusion of correlative science studies, etc. The committee will also determine whether correlative science studies should be included as part of a given clinical trial.


Website and Communications     Carmelo Nucera, Chair

Leads the organization in the development and implementation of ITOG’s Communication Strategy.  Including Website, Annual  and Monthly Newsletter development, and all organizational  communication management and maintenance






Protocol Committee - Task Forces

Anaplastic CA Leaders - Keith Bible, Marcia Brose, Maria Cabanillas


Hurthle Cell Leaders - Jochen Lorch, John Ridge, Eric Sherman


Immunotherapy Leaders - Ezra Cohen, Bryan Haugen, Mabel Rider


Medullary CA Leaders - Rossella Elisei, Matthew Ringel, Lori Wirth


Papillary Leaders  - Alan Ho, James Fagin, Mingzhao Xing



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Our mission
To catalyze a cure for the most challenging thyroid cancers through the collaborative efforts of our unique multidisciplinary team of leading physicians, scientists, and advocates to design, coordinate, and prioritize state-of-the-art clinical trials and correlative science.