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ITOG Philanthropy News

Massachusetts General Hospital Honors Elizabeth and Michael Ruane

Elizabeth and Michael Ruane have been extremely generous benefactors, not only to ITOG, but also to the medical community at large. At the end of
July, Massachusetts General Hospital hosted a celebration in recognition of Elizabeth and Michael Ruane’s generosity.
 The event included the announcement of the Elizabeth and Michael Ruane Center for Endocrine Tumors and recognition of its inaugural incumbent: Lori J. Wirth, MD, Elizabeth and Michael Ruane Endowed Chair in Medical Oncology. They also announced the recipients of the Elizabeth and Michael Ruane  Endowed Fellows in Surgery and the winners of the Gilbert H. Daniels, MD Award for Innovative Research in Thyroid Cancer.
We are all indebted to Elizabeth and Michael Ruane for their philanthropy.




TA  Realty Fundraiser Raises over $100,000                                                            

TA Associates Realty is one of the leading investors in commercial real estate in the United States. Michael Ruane, a founding member, created a charitable event in which participants gather to discuss the real estate environment and play golf, while simultaneously raising funds to donate to worthy beneficiaries. ITOG was fortu-nate to be selected as the 2019 Charitable Beneficiary for the seventh consecutive year.
The event was held on July 22, and, after many prior years of challenging weather, participants were able to enjoy a cool summer day. The day began with an informative business forum, including a round table of leading executives from across the country. After lunch, participants played the historic Blue Hill Country Club near Boston.
Overall, it was a spectacular day. The total contributions from this event over the seven-year period exceed $500,000. After golf, there was a short program in which the TA Realty members emphasized the importance of the event for raising funds for such a worthy cause. They introduced Dwight Vicks, co-founder and treasurer of ITOG, who presented a new ITOG video, which was very well received. Greg Randolph, surgical oncologist at Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, gave meaningful remarks recognizing Michael Ruane for his great leadership. He then presented Michael and Elizabeth Ruane with two papers published on advances in thyroid cancer that they directly helped fund. Lori Wirth, former ITOG Chair and oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, was also on hand to discuss how the lives of 40 of her patients have improved because of the ITOG associated clinical trials that they are on. These tangible examples highlight how effective the ITOG efforts are in bringing real changes to the treatment of thyroid cancer. The membership of ITOG is most grateful for the continued generous support of the Ruane family and TA Realty Associates.


REACT and ITOG Merger, December 2018

The Board of Directors would like to thank you for supporting REACT, the inspiration of my dear daughter Michelle. Her passion and initiative to help others afflicted with medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) by creating REACT exemplifies her heart and selflessness.

Since Michelle’s passing, my daughter Kimberly and I have done our best to continue the good work of REACT, along with the wonderful assistance of many volunteers. We have raised over $750,000 over the years to invest in research to find a cure for thyroid cancer.

Kimberly and I have decided that the best way to keep Michelle’s legacy alive and expand the great work of REACT is to merge with the International Thyroid Oncology Group, or ITOG. ITOG is the preeminent organization that brings together the leaders in the field to develop better treatments for all types of thyroid cancer, including MTC. ITOG was inspired by another MTC patient, who like Michelle, turned her anxiety and feelings of hopelessness into action. The merger with ITOG should be effective January 1, 2019.

The REACT name and mission will be preserved with ITOG. You can continue to support the work of REACT through your existing mechanisms. You will also see greater involvement from our friends at ITOG.

Kimberly and I are confident that ITOG has the best team to nurture and execute the mission of REACT. I know Michelle would be pleased as well.


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