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ITOG Website/Newsletter Submission

The Best Resource for ITOG News is YOU!

We need your help to generate current, engaging content for the ITOG website. To facilitate this process, you can simply complete this for, upload a draft.  It will be reviewed by  our in-house scientific writer, who will edit or write copy that will be reviewed and published to our site.  

The ITOG Website is updated Monthly.  Submissions received by the 20th day of the month will be reviewed, posted on the website on the 10th of the subsequent month, and  published in the next ITOG Quarterly E-Newsletter.

The ITOG Quarterly E-Newsletter is published Quarterly, March, June, September and December.  

 Please share the following for publication on the ITOG website: 

    Thyroid Cancer News and Breakthroughs
·         Clinical Trials
·         Publications, Presentations
·         Grants
·         Awards and Acknowledgements
·         Promotions and Retirements
·         Meetings and Events
·         Industry News
·         Fundraising
·         Patient Stories
·         ITOG Announcements and Updates
·         Photographs

Submission Guidelines:

  • All submissions will be approved by Website & Communications Committee Co-Chairs.
  • All submissions are subject to editing for content, clarity, and length. It may be determined by the editors that the website/newsletter is not the appropriate channel for your article, and they reserve the right to determine whether an article is included.
  • All writing formats are accepted. These include blog entries, publication reviews, event announcements, feature stories, news articles, etc. 
    in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  • If a piece has already been published elsewhere,  provide original and our scientfic editor will  edit it a synopsis or a summary of the original. 
  • We will acknowledge all submissions but further contact with an author only if an article is chosen for publication.
  •  Authors must provide accurate references for all data and information used. We will not consider submissions that are not properly sourced. Sources should be cited in the article.
  • Although there is no word limit, articles are generally no longer than 1200 words. Longer articles will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


Please complete the form below and upload any pertinent documents. 

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To catalyze a cure for the most challenging thyroid cancers through the collaborative efforts of our unique multidisciplinary team of leading physicians, scientists, and advocates to design, coordinate, and prioritize state-of-the-art clinical trials and correlative science.